Take My Love

And now it’s time to be lovers

I need baby, I need your love right now.

I live, I live for the days we live as one

Take my love.

Look back over all the things we’ve done

Besides it ought to be me and you when it’s time.

I know we haven’t known each other long

And I want baby, I want to show you how.

And It hurts making me wait for you this way

You can trust in me our love will ever last.

Take me fast, Take my love.


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A handful of dust

Simply Me

“My pen yearns to write how I feel, yet fails miserably. 

It can convey only a little of what I would like to express.

Sometimes I wish you knew without me having to say or speak, that my silence would be enough for you to understand the hidden messages.

My pen yearns to write how I feel, yet fails miserably.”


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Urgent Matter


Immediate action is required
The inner child can’t expire.
Self healing is an urgent matter.
Don’t listen to the outer chatter.

Listen to that insisting inner whisper
Don’t be another drifter.
The inner child knows what you need
There is no need to bleed.

Pressing message from the inner self to the self
Listen to it before you end up in an empty shelf.

“It is no longer a request, I know what we need”
Did you hear that urgency in the tone of voice?

It is now imperative for all of us to do a mass introspection
We need much more than just superficial affection.
This matter of inner healing is urgent
No more divergent
Let us do it together.

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You are another me



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Unknown Love

I thought this. Very beautiful poem.💝


This piece is to the love of my life: “I don’t know you but I know you are out there and I know sooner or later we will be together.”
The sea is our witness
That our love is more than just sweetness.
You and I
Fearless, we fly high
On the wings of our passionate love
And the many ways we both adore.
In the sands close to the shore
We wrote our love.
Hoping that the wrath of the ocean
Wouldn’t destroy our devotion.
Our emotions cover the land
And everything we command
Cause  our love holds the essence
Not only of our understanding, but of all our blessings.
I know you are out there waiting
Perhaps even dating
But I don’t lose hope that we will meet
My unknown love, because we were meant…..
Meant to forever be one
In our spiritual connection.
En Español:
Esta pieza…

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Missing you …❤… — Inner Ramblings Boulevard:

Country Store of Two Old Guys

The hours go by so slowly as I wait to see your handsome face. I miss your gentle eyes, that seem to pierce right through me. I miss your sweet lips, that whisper sweet words in my ear. I miss your seductive smile, which beacons me to draw closer. I miss your silly facial expressions […]

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We’ll Live the Days As One

You can trust in me our love will ever last

When the light of the moon beams down on us it’ll reflect who we really are to one another. Embrace the feelings of love for you with a willing to be loved heart. Breathe in the air of serenity. Al…

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