Take My Love

And now it’s time to be lovers

I need baby, I need your love right now.

I live, I live for the days we live as one

Take my love.

Look back over all the things we’ve done

Besides it ought to be me and you when it’s time.

I know we haven’t known each other long

And I want baby, I want to show you how.

And It hurts making me wait for you this way

You can trust in me our love will ever last.

Take me fast, Take my love.

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The hours go by so slowly as I wait to see your handsome face. I miss your gentle eyes, that seem to pierce right through me. I miss your sweet lips, that whisper sweet words in my ear. I miss your seductive smile, which beacons me to draw closer. I miss your silly facial expressions […]

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Finding strength in friendship…

Moylom Art Studio



In the silence
When I can’t hear your voice
I try to imagine the direction
I should look to find you.

I’m not great
With such spacial orientations.
North,  South,  East, West?
They all seem to leave me puzzled.

But somehow, without fail,
I seem to find your heart
Because you are searching
For mine too.

Your soul reaches over
The many obstacles
Which others find daunting
And it finds mine.

I keep thinking
One day your eyes
Would dig too deep
And see unsightly parts of me,

And just like that
Your soul would finally stop
Searching for mine
And disappear into the shadows.

So I try to think of reasons
You shouldn’t look so closely,
But you’re not the superficial type
You live for depth, you’re not afraid.

You don’t mind getting messy
And it amazes me
That you aren’t deterred
By the state of my garden.


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