Will I?

Aurum Words...

You are light years away from me.
You are one in a million and I am one among the million.
You are up, high in the sky, shinning like a star and I, thriving on the groud starving without your shine.
You are a heart throb, robber of a million hearts, I am just another victim of your theft.
You are a dream.
U reside in me.
I am because of you.
I begin and end at you.
You are my journey, you are my destiny.
My heart has always been close to you.
My eyes spot you, even from another galaxy, even through the milky way.
                    The question is…
               Will I ever reach you?
    Will I ever be one in a million for you?
      Will I reflect your shine with you?
          Will I rob your heart and soul?

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