Is he cheating?

I think we’ve all been there and we’ve all felt horrible for thinking our boyfriend is cheating. This is what I look for if I get suspicious Walking away when texting  This is kind of a give away. You know there’s something wrong if he isn’t sitting next to you. Calling you off  If he […]

It’s Not That Hard

Dreaming in Colour

To try to justify
My love.
I put a seal
On every deal and I promise to keep it real as long as
You still care enough to recognize
I’d barely even breath
If it were up to me
In your presence
You didn’t see me before
But I know you do now
And I see you too, and I would never make a sound
I know who you are
Thanks for allowing me to be free
You’re always hurting I’m always
Loving you for all that you are
You drive me crazy
That’s why you’re my baby
Whether you’re near or you’re far
Nothing less than joyous
You make my heart leap over
So many bounds
No matter the suitor
He could never be you
And you’re what I like
I’m always so lonely
Knowing that you want me
I just want to try
To be the best that…

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