Is Not Wasted

These is beautiful! Love is always in the air..

Dialogue from the Depths

Thanks to new blogger Un Break My Heart (poem below) for reblogging my post Dear Hypomanic Wife (first attempt at a poetic message to her) and my wife’s spontaneous reply.

Check out my wife’s next poetic creation, which was even better – let us know what you thought. Cheers

This day is not wasted. There are clouds going by in a teal blue sky. This day is not wasted. There are birds overhead, soaring high. This day is not  wasted.  Ther’s a table set from whence to look afar of the blue skies  and the deep blue seas beneath the horizon.

This day is not wasted…

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One thought on “Is Not Wasted

  1. Thank you so much my dearest friend hubby. You’ve infused me that much feeling on how true is my love for you. I tell you these much that it is authentic true even by your absence.
    Now you know it well and nothing more to prove.
    Just be well and I am here for you as always listening the upbeat tune of my heart to you.


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