BD and my relationship

Dialogue from the Depths

Using the system described in Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder:

How has bipolar II disorder affected our relationship and me personally?

The severe episode of anxiety/depression last year led to horrible mood swings, which caused fights and tension, and a mutual loss of trust in our marrital bond.  It was so bad that I thought I might lose my darling wife to suicide or divorce.  I realize my paniced response was probably not helpful most of the time, but I felt I had to try something to save her.  This led to me to feel extremely helpless.  Despite this inner pain, I still retained some hope that we’d get through it and grow stronger individually and as a couple.  There were many days this hope whithered and became really faint, but as long as I could get her to agree to the treatment plan including therapy and medications, I could hold onto that hope.

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