doubtful (speak up)

a cornered gurl

I’m not the type
to second guess myself,
but when it comes to you, I’ll
stumble over words & lose my
soul trying to create an image of
me we both know doesn’t
exist. You see right through
me, straight to the core with
piercing hazel-judging eyes, so
I yearn to change for you.

Then I remember that we
were always better when truth filled the air
& lies never had a chance in our
presence. I miss the simplicity of
us. I miss the giddiness of us.
The solid foundation of us.
but, I’m too afraid to
admit it.

I’m fearful of what we would
become if I do.
So, I say nothing.
and, nothing is what
we will soon be if I

©Tremaine L. Loadholt 13February03

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