Have a Courageous Week!

Ancient Skies


Ok so you’ve hopefully been refreshed, and now you’re ready to create this week! I know, I know it can be tough trying to work and create too, be we need you in the fight.

Art, photography, and writing has never been for wimps, and I’ve seen most of your work. We all know what you’re capable of, and you do an amazing job making our world a more beautiful place!

All of you rock, and I look forward to another wonderful week of creativity.

So strap on your armor, pick up your camera, paint brush, and/or laptop and let’s rumble!

Ready the cannons!


 P.S. I posted this before hearing about the shooting in Orlando. I purposely unplugged today and rested. I am deeply saddened and angry as we all are. I thought about pulling this post because I was having some fun with the concept of courage. I have…

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