Incase you haven’t heard….

Agony of Love


Hi folks,

Now that the blog-merge is approaching it’s 3rd week, you’ve no doubt been cruising around to explore the new content. Thank you for taking the time to show your love and support via likes and fabulous comments. We’re so excited to have you visit!

However, please keep in mind that some of our posts have been incorrectly assigned, that is, most have A@moylomenterprises as the author but that’s not always accurate. This is a minor glitch with the transfer of data from Wordsmith Boulevard to Inner Ramblings but it’s fixable. We’re feverishly trying to correct this issue but with so much content it’s a slow process. In the mean time, here’s how to decipher the true author of each post.

A@moylomenterprises (woman):
– #SingleParenting
– #Parenting
– Short stories with relevant music
– Spirituality
– Poetry
– Erotic poetry (very subtle/ PG)

B@moylomenterprises (man):
– #Phone Conversations

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8 thoughts on “Incase you haven’t heard….

  1. AnElephantCant claim to be very smart, but he sadly finds your blog hard to navigate. There is so much stuff at the top of each page he is fatigued before he gets to the good stuff. And there seems to be lots of good stuff. Good luck sorting out your teething troubles.

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