No answers


I hold many things
So close to my heart.
Sometimes I dwell
With the idea
Of having you in here by my side.

I count the seconds, minutes and hours,
Till the day I can finally say:
“I am done,
All done with matters of the heart.”

Am I the only one that ended up
Mortally wounded?
Or had you ever cared for me?
That’s the only thing that hurt the most.

I want to know,
Did you care?
Did you love me?
Did you care about the enormity
Of the love I had for you?

The only painful things left in my mind is
The many questions that may never be answered.
I am left with memories
Of the beautiful days and nights that once were,
Of the emotions once shared,
Of the many kisses we shared.

I just want to disappear,
To run away from these memories.

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