Dream within a dream


I was jumping from memory to memory.

Like every movie my memories came to an end,

This movie didn’t have a happy ending.

I got up with the embrace of solitude and the memories more alive than I.

I struggled to get up

But the silence of my faithful friend pushed me up to continue.

I stare at the stranger in the mirror and as I got closer to it,

I realized it was me.

“What happened to you?

I don’t even know you.” I told  my reflection.

My reflection talked back to me,

We engage in an endless conversation,

At the end I understood why I don’t even know myself.

Tears were pouring down my eyes, trying to wash the invisible pain from my face.

“Now I understand, ” I told my reflection.

As he was walking away, I told him:

“Buddy, I believe in you. We can do…

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