Fallen from grace…

I must remain! Whatever will be, will be as the future’s not ours to see

Agony of Love

PubImage.26 Image source: Google images

I’m not one
To hide behind a mask,
At least not anymore.
Chances are you know
How I feel about you by now,
And if you don’t you will soon enough.

I will either love you wholeheartedly
Or be neutral in my expressions.
I choose not to hate as I know
There is good to be found in every person,
But if I can’t see it I will try
To understand why.

If my expressions of love
Were once fierce
But are now neutral,
It’s probably because you’ve lost my respect
But not necessarily my love —
You have fallen from grace.

But I know I am in no way perfect,
So what if it is I who have fallen
From your good graces?
It happens to the best of us.
Perhaps I have somehow lost your respect.

How can I make amends?
Will you…

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