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5 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. I enjoy sharing words which might inspire another’s life! I do it in a simple way, to bring smiles alive….using this medium. You have a genuine heart and spirit may the hand of the creator continue to guide your heart!

    “A Touch”

    The message in your song is soulful and inspiring. You are special my dear sister, and so very important in this life and the one to come. You are an awesome angel one whom I love…for you are to me a wonderful sister, who inspires me with all she share and who also inspires others who may not leave a note or a message. You always bring a smile alive on my face because we are cut from the same cloth, part of the same living tree…you emulate the selfless love of our God! Here is a poem i wrote, I will share with you to make you smile…it reminds me of you, one of the best loving and selfless spirits I have come to know in this world. When I embrace your words, your songs, what you share. I see a real, genuine and selfless spiritual love of the highest order! God bless you always my dear sister! Stefanie may your new day be blessed with smiles, as much as you have made mine to be! This is one of my most favorite poems I have written… I hope it brings a smile to your face!!!!

    A Touch

    Wake up in smiles
    Because you are alive
    As God permits you
    To see another day

    And welcome the sun
    Into your life
    As it brings a special
    Peace that stays

    Greet all that you meet
    With a pleasant hello
    And you will find that
    Today you are blessed

    As you see each one
    That you did meet
    Become alive with the
    Touch of God’s eternal

    May your new day be abundantly blessed!

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