I’m Jealous of the Night

I’m jealous of the nights that I don’t spend with you. I’m wondering who you lay next to, Oh, I’m jealous of the nights. 

  I’m jealous of the love, lovethat was in here. Gone for someone else to share. Oh, i’m jealous of the love.

I wished you the best of all this world could give. I told you when you left me there’s nothing to forgive. But I always thought you’d come back, tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery. 

It’s hard for me to say, i’m jealous of the way, you’re happy without me. 


My Mahal – My Love

I’ve used and heard that from you when we chat and that you are so lovely.
What happened to you early this year I find your coldness. There is no passing day that we talked,
We smiled and laughed,
we talked on silly words

Is there other someone else?
Who cares for you more than I do,
Who brings more joy in your life.

This song is for you and hope it may touch you to say it again.

Un-break My Heart


Hope – Faith and Love

 A long and winding road beneath the beautiful sky. You will arrive safely in your destiny in taking by yourself the courage of being patient and full of compassions.





 The first topic for this collaboration is “hope.” Now…some of you may know my feeling about hope, so this is always a personal challenge. I tend to interpret it a bit differently, more of a no expectations, “I believe things will be as they will be” kind of approach. But, I also believe in that inner […]