I’m Jealous of the Night

I’m jealous of the nights that I don’t spend with you. I’m wondering who you lay next to, Oh, I’m jealous of the nights. 

  I’m jealous of the love, lovethat was in here. Gone for someone else to share. Oh, i’m jealous of the love.

I wished you the best of all this world could give. I told you when you left me there’s nothing to forgive. But I always thought you’d come back, tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery. 

It’s hard for me to say, i’m jealous of the way, you’re happy without me. 


Writing Is Her Enemy

Right from the start when she learns how to read she is always keeps on reading, reading and reading and very appreciative about what she have read. Writing for her in her own thoughts is her enemy.

Just reading, reading and reading to etceteras….

When she grew up in her teenage she is an innocent, ignorant, observant, creative, artistic, thoughtful…. But to love her the way she is is not closed to her. She loves more music like those beautiful lovely old songs and put all her misseries by listening to it.

For her, she has a beautiful heart which she just condidered and learned through from her readings so she is thinking now to put her pain into writings. 

 But no, this is not me!  Writing, writing, writing is my enemy even if a have a very good penmanship and always thinking good ideas but no, not me!  I will rather try for you… Just let me read or otherwise listens me to music with those old songs.. Why? Just give me a reason and that’s enough!

From: The character of an anonymous

My Mahal – My Love

I’ve used and heard that from you when we chat and that you are so lovely.
What happened to you early this year I find your coldness. There is no passing day that we talked,
We smiled and laughed,
we talked on silly words

Is there other someone else?
Who cares for you more than I do,
Who brings more joy in your life.

This song is for you and hope it may touch you to say it again.

Un-break My Heart



I remember saying this similar thoughts who became a friend to me in FB on the day of the 29th in the sign of Aries .

we started talking in SKY in the sign of Taurus. I found just by a coincidence since we both fall to the most stubborn (depends upon the situation) zodiac sign. We both nice and talking a lot of interesting topics with due respect.

My verses is like this:
“I will lay my head in your lap until I get my sleep just to be with you while you are watching movies in our home theatre”.
Replied by him:
“I can not focus the movie on the screen as I’d like to giggle …..”.
-nice gestures though-

We talked in sky very often at times in a day of an hour or two. I got worried since over a week now we don’t talk as he got very sick with flu. I hope to my friend that he will get well soon as I’ve really missed you talking a lot and wishful to hear by your unspoken words that made Us special.

I thank you for the post for Us.

You are loved!


The Psycho Script

Let me lay in your lap

Massage my mind

While telling the story

Of your



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