Finding strength in friendship…

Agony of Love



In the silence
When I can’t hear your voice
I try to imagine the direction
I should look to find you.

I’m not great
With such spacial orientations.
North,  South,  East, West?
They all seem to leave me puzzled.

But somehow, without fail,
I seem to find your heart
Because you are searching
For mine too.

Your soul reaches over
The many obstacles
Which others find daunting
And it finds mine.

I keep thinking
One day your eyes
Would dig too deep
And see unsightly parts of me,

And just like that
Your soul would finally stop
Searching for mine
And disappear into the shadows.

So I try to think of reasons
You shouldn’t look so closely,
But you’re not the superficial type
You live for depth, you’re not afraid.

You don’t mind getting messy
And it amazes me
That you aren’t deterred
By the state of my garden.


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Question of the day


I’m curious as to what you think, please comment, I would love to hear your input.

To answere this question,

Mine would be to speak my heart, and live my vision.

Who would I get there?

Iv been listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer teachings, for the last few months, and as silly as this sounds I didn’t know he passed away. I just found out yesterday, and it touched my heart how even after his death he is still alive in spirit helping heal and guide people like me. Then it struck me, that’s what I want to leave for the world. Iv always known, since I was 9 I was great at listening and giving advice, my vision at 15, and continues to be, is to be a speaker, humanitarian, and lover. I am, what I set my mind to be, and how I will get there is by…

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