I remember saying this similar thoughts who became a friend to me in FB on the day of the 29th in the sign of Aries .

we started talking in SKY in the sign of Taurus. I found just by a coincidence since we both fall to the most stubborn (depends upon the situation) zodiac sign. We both nice and talking a lot of interesting topics with due respect.

My verses is like this:
“I will lay my head in your lap until I get my sleep just to be with you while you are watching movies in our home theatre”.
Replied by him:
“I can not focus the movie on the screen as I’d like to giggle …..”.
-nice gestures though-

We talked in sky very often at times in a day of an hour or two. I got worried since over a week now we don’t talk as he got very sick with flu. I hope to my friend that he will get well soon as I’ve really missed you talking a lot and wishful to hear by your unspoken words that made Us special.

I thank you for the post for Us.

You are loved!


The Psycho Script

Let me lay in your lap

Massage my mind

While telling the story

Of your



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